Sunday, August 29, 2010

Teen wheelchair user in UK finally gets bank access

From BBC News:

A teenage wheelchair user from Sheffield has paid his first cheque into his local bank after a four year battle to get access.

David Allen (pictured), 19, took the Royal Bank of Scotland to court after it failed to provide disabled access at its Church Street branch.

In November 2009 judges dismissed the bank's appeal against a ruling ordering it to pay damages and install a lift.

The estimated cost for installing the platform lift was £200,000.

David's mother, Ceri, said: "We are absolutely thrilled about it."

She said the lift was very good and added: "David will be able to come and do his own banking. And a young man of 19 should be able to do their own banking business."

The Church Street branch is a 19th century listed building where access to all entrances was by flights of stone steps.