Thursday, August 26, 2010

Teacher in India beats student with Down syndrome

From DNA in India:

A teacher from a special school in South Mumbai allegedly beat up a student on August 16.

Earlier too, the 15-year-old boy, suffering from Down’s Syndrome, had been ‘punished’. He had been tied and gagged with a handkerchief and even forced to eat chillies.

After the August 16 incident, his parents filed a police complaint against the teacher. The school, however, claimed that the matter had been sorted out.

The written complaint at Gamdevi police station says the parents met the principal, vice-principal, and the teacher on August 17.

“Instead of taking any action, the principal expelled my child. He has been studying in the school for the last 10 years. He is now scared of going back to school.”

The parents had submitted a medical report at the police station. The report, which is with DNA, says an injury led to redness of the left eye. “Most children with Down’s Syndrome cannot speak; luckily, my child does,” the boy’s father said on Tuesday.

“When we enquired about the swollen left eye, he told us that his teacher had hit him. We were shocked to learn about the techniques used by the school to control students.”

Sanjay Diwadkar, senior PI at Gamdevi police station, said the parents complained against the school and a teacher. “We are investigating,” he said.

The school’s principal, however, said, “We’ve spoken with the parents. The matter has been sorted out. He is rejoining from Thursday.”

About the injury, she said, “It must have happened after school hours.”