Thursday, March 17, 2011

Actress Marlee Matlin goes to Uganda to give out hearing aids

From All Voices:

Marlee Matlin is in Uganda to assist authorities at the Starkey Hearing Foundation give hearing devices to African children who are hearing impaired. It should be noted that Marlee Matlin herself is deaf. She is also an Oscar winner.

According to reports, the Starkey Hearing Foundation is set to provide 22,000 digital hearing aids to kids and adults across Africa in a time period of 24 days.

Matlin stated that she has been a friend and supporter of the charity foundation for almost 8 years. She further said that she trusts the foundation in their efforts to help impaired people hear.

"I have been a friend and supporter of the Starkey Hearing Foundation for about eight years now and believe whole-heartedly in their work to bring the gift of hearing to those who would normally not have access to this level of hearing care, which is essential for one to realise their true and full potential," Matlin said.