Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In Uganda, advocates want census of deaf, blind people so their needs can be met

From New Vision in Uganda:

The National Association of the Deaf and Blind (NADBU) has appealed to the Government to carry out a census of the deaf and blind people in the country, so as to plan for them effectively.

“Our needs and problems are not catered for because our existence is unknown,” said Yona Waswa, the NADBU programme officer.

Waswa was addressing an advocacy workshop at NADBU offices on Kanjokya Street, Bukoto in Kampala recently.

He said programmes advanced toward person’s with disabilities mostly benefit those with physical disabilities, leaving out the deaf and the blind.

Waswa said the deaf and blind can benefit from government programmes like UPE and USE given the right devices.

He said failure of government to engage them in development programmes had made them more disabled.

Fred Lukabule, a member of the group, urged the Government to carry out compulsory immunisation against rubella, one of the causes of deafness and blindness.

People classified as deaf and blind include those with partial sight and low hearing impairment or both.

NADBU consists of 200 members some of them professionals such as auditors, lawyers, accountants and teachers.