Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dancing Wheels wows middle schoolers in NY

From Patch in Larchmont, N.Y.:

Hommocks students were mesmerized by a performance put on by the Dancing Wheels, a dance troupe consisting of both wheelchair bound and able-bodied dancers.

Dancing Wheels was founded in 1980 with the idea that having a disability should not hinder someone from full participation in the world of dance. Founder Mary Verdi-Fletcher, who was born with spinal bifida, has helped to reshape the landscape of dance. In 1990, the company expanded to open the School of Dancing Wheels as a training center for dancers, choreographers and teachers.

At the assembly, Dancing Wheels performed “Sweet Radio Radicals”, featuring music from female singers and songwriters who helped to influence and change society with their music. Following the performance, the dancers with disabilities talked to students about overcoming obstacles and leading full lives.

The Dancing Wheels Company serves as an example for other individuals who have a dream and want to get something accomplished, regardless of obstacles. The Hommocks PTA Cultural Arts Committee was very proud to bring the Company to the district.