Thursday, March 17, 2011

British dance group wants to bring disabled people into the dance world

From Winsford Guardian in the UK:

A new dance group to support young disabled people in Winsford is now in full swing due to the determination of one volunteer.

Daniel Burgess (pictured), aged 23, has cerebral palsy but has used his experience of the condition to provide an activity to help those with similar disabilities.

He said: “Growing up with cerebral palsy, I have always been passionate about creating something which is inclusive to people regardless of disability or background.

“I use to be involved with a Dance class called DanceFX which were workshops for abled and disabled adults.”

Daniel, who lives in Middlewich, then teamed up with WINCAP (Winsford Community Action Project) and worked tirelessly for nine months to secure funding from Connexions and start a new workshops to help disabled youngsters in Winsford.

“I fell across WINCAP when I was job searching,” added Daniel.

“When I sat down with them and they saw my interest in dance they said, with their support , why not create a project that I can manage for the Winsford Community.”

The classes will run for 11 weeks, each Friday, from 4.30pm at The Edge Community Centre, in Cheviot Square. Daniel is appealing for anyone interested to get involved.