Monday, April 4, 2011

Starkey Hearing Foundation launches Listen Carefully campaign, featuring Miley Cyrus

The Starkey Hearing Foundation Listen Carefully PSA:

Your hearing is fragile. So don’t listen loudly. Listen carefully.

Music is so much more than just a noise streaming through your headphones. The lyrics and rhythm of your favorite song. The sounds and notes of a guitar riff. We don’t want you to lose the ability to hear.

Loud sounds destroy the tiny hair cells in the inner ear over time. These tiny hair cells are essential: they convert sound waves into messages (nerve impulses) that are sent to the brain. In essence, they send sounds to your brain. If just 30 percent of these hair cells disappear, you’ll experience hearing loss.

Right now, one in five teens have noticeable hearing loss—and that number is growing. It’s happening from the high-volume sounds in daily life. Loud sounds are all around us, from the shouting in the cafeteria to the blaring siren of a fire engine.

You can’t control the volume of the outside world, of course. But you can lower the volume of your headphones. It’s such a simple thing to do. You’ll save your ears. And what’s more—you’ll experience the magic of music as your favorite artists intended.

Protect your hearing. Lower the volume.