Friday, December 19, 2008

Documentary from NAMI-NJ focuses on multicultural experiences of mental illness

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of N.J. has created a documentary called "Documenting Our Presence: Multicultural Experiences of Mental Illness." A DVD of the documentary is available for interested mental health organizations across the nation. If you would like to order a copy of the DVD, you can download an Invoice, and send it to NAMI-NJ.

You can view a trailer of the documentary on the NAMI-NJ Web site.

Here's what NAMI-NJ says about the documentary:

"Documenting Our Presence: Multicultural Experiences of Mental Illness" is a compassionate, hopeful look at the experiences of people of diverse backgrounds, affected by serious mental illness.

The documentary traces their lives through a cultural lens, focusing on the onset of mental illness, the process of coping and acceptance, and finally, their journey to recovery.

All these stories, diverse as their backgrounds, are linked together in segments that flow naturally through the video and bookmark the various stages along the journey towards wellness and recovery.

NAMI NJ is grateful to all participants of this documentary for sharing their stories and helping to promote a better understanding of the experience of mental illness and the journey of recovery.

This documentary was produced as a NAMI NJ Multicultural Outreach Initiative with the support of NAMI - National Alliance of Mental Illness and NJ Division of Mental Health Services.

The mission of NAMI NJ Multicultural Programs is to improve the lives of people from all cultures who are affected by mental illness through support, education and advocacy.

Omusha Communications is the producer of this documentary. To learn more about Omusha, visit their website at or call