Saturday, December 26, 2009

NY mother sues landlord because her disabled daughter had to slide down stairs

From The AP:

NEW YORK - A Brooklyn woman has sued her landlord claiming her severely disabled daughter has to slide down several flights of stairs on her backside because the company refuses to provide the family with suitable living arrangements.

Carmen Flores filed the lawsuit in Brooklyn federal court Tuesday on behalf of her 43-year-old daughter Lordes asking for a first-floor unit or one in a building with an elevator.

The lawsuit says Lordes has impaired cognitive abilities and a form of muscular dystrophy that has left her incapable of walking for a decade.

The lawsuit says the mother and daughter live on the fourth flour of the Park Slope building that does not have an elevator and it can take 30 minutes to make her way up the stairs.

A call seeking comment from the landlord went unanswered on Christmas Day.