Friday, May 28, 2010

Integrated dance seminars planned for summer program at University of Washington, Seattle

From the Jürg Koch dance web page:

The Integrated Dance Summer Intensive 2010 instructed by Jürg Koch offers two courses for participants of all levels of dance training and experience. The courses are hosted in the dance program at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Five-day intensive, August 9-13
The five-day dance intensive offers daily classes in integrated technique class, composition/repertory class as well as a series of open community improvisation jams and guest presentations. The five-day intensive has an open enrollment for participants of varying abilities and levels of dance experience.
Five- day schedule, class description and fees.

Round table for artists and educators, August 14/15
This two-day laboratory following the five-day intensive is a chance to discuss and rethink access to both formal and informal training opportunities for a diverse student population. This round table meeting is intended for experienced artists and educators with a particular interest in educational and choreographic processes in mixed ability groups. (Participation by application and selection)
Round table schedule, class description and fees.

UW and access information
Please note, both courses are independent events hosted by the dance program at the University of Washington. You do not need to be a registered student at the UW to take part.