Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teen trying to save Helen Keller house in NY reports the county still recommends demolition

From Ian Toy's Save the Helen Keller House Facebook site on May 19:

It was quiet for a little while, but now things are progressing again. Saturday I met with an architect who volunteered his time and services to work up an estimate on repairing/restoring the Helen Keller House (pictured).

I've also had some great conversations with people interested in my project. A not-for-profit organization may want to work with me on this and I also spoke with Keller J. Thompson today (Helen Keller's great grand niece). Please stay tuned!

I'm working on private funding as well as still lobbying Suffolk County to put money aside in their budget to restore the house.

Today Suffolk County CEQ held a meeting pertaining to the house and it was recommended that they still go ahead with the demolition!!! I was not able to attend this meeting. I am not happy about their recommendation.