Saturday, May 22, 2010

Young disabled people in Britain produce films about the disability experience

From PR Log in the UK:

The Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People Youth Forum have produced a collection of films exploring disability which will premiere at Norwich’s Forum at the end of May

The group, made up of young disabled people from across Norfolk aged 14 to 25, has created a film, entitled “Disability is…”, exploring the life experiences of young disabled people across the county.

They will also be previewing the first in a series of interviews with famous disabled people, celebrating the capabilities and achievements of disabled people as well as acknowledging the barriers that still have to be overcome, which see’s former Home Secretary David Blunkett talking about his life in politics.

The Youth Forum, through these films, are trying to reflect the attitudes that exist in society today and hope that the films will challenge the public, perhaps making them question their own preconceptions and images they have of disability.

The group, which started at the end of 2009, has worked with local film maker Robert Vaughan and the BBC to learn their craft in film making and drawing the best from an interviewee.

These new found skills were utilised to the full when they were invited to interview David Blunkett MP at the Houses of Parliament earlier this year.

The interview, lead by Youth Forum member Edward Bates, explored Mr. Blunkett’s experiences growing up in Sheffield as a visually impaired young man and discussed the triumphs and tribulations he has experienced as a disabled man in politics.

Caroline Golding, coordinator for the Youth Forum said “above all the group wants to begin creating a new positive identity for disabled people, one that portrays them as normal human beings deserving respect and finally dispelling the myth that disabled people are incapable and unable to contribute to society.”

The films will start on bank holiday Monday 31st May in Fusion at the Forum in Norwich and run through Saturday 5th June as part of the Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People’s Disability Pride, an event which aims to celebrate diversity and the lives of disabled people.

Members of the Youth Forum will be on hand during the week to discuss the area’s covered in the films with members of the public as well as selling bricks for their Lego wall, representing solidarity and support in Norfolk, which is hoped will raise further funds for Disability Pride.