Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ted Turner, founder of CNN, donates $1 billion to eradicate polio in Nigeria

From The Times of India:

ABUJA, Nigeria -- Ted Turner, the Chairman of United Nation's Foundation and founder of Cable New Network (CNN), has donated USD one billion towards the eradication of polio in Nigeria.

"Nigeria must keep up the fight against child killer diseases by continuing to leverage the power of modern vaccine that are key to eradicating polio and reducing measles," he said.

He was impressed that Nigeria has reduced cases of polio by 98 per cent with only eight cases confirmed in 2010 and donated the USD one billion for the cause.

Turner, who visited the Sokoto sultanate in northern part of the oil-rich country, also paid a courtesy visit to Sultan Muhammad Sa'ad Abubakar.

"With support from traditional leaders like the Sultan, we are on the verge of achieving the first great humanitarian victory of the 21st century, the complete elimination of a disease that once afflicted millions," he said.

Polio virus spread out from northern Nigeria in 2008 and sparked an outbreak in 17 African countries posing a major challenge to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The organisation has been battling to wipe out the ailment around the globe but in March it announced that it has made some impressive progress in Nigeria after receiving some backing by religious leaders.