Sunday, October 24, 2010

Two Kentucky women charged with abuse of autistic man


State Police have arrested two women for neglect and abuse after a 24-year-old mentally challenged man, who suffers from autism, was found malnourished, lying in his own feces.

Police say the victim's mother, 45-year-old Donna Bartley of Glasgow and her friend, 45-year-old Rita Mitchell of Tompkinsville, were charged with Criminal Abuse 1st Degree.

Monroe County Social Services called police after finding 24-year-old Kalvin Bartley, who suffers from mild mental retardation and autism, in his mother' house. Investigators say the man was being cared for by Mitchell. He was reportedly found lying in his own feces and suffering from malnutrition.

Bartley was taken to the Monroe County Medical Center, where police say he is in stable condition. Donna Bartley and Rita Mitchell were lodged in the Monroe County Jail.