Thursday, July 17, 2008

British Paralympian publishes autobiography

Stephen Miller

The Evening Chronicle in Newcastle, UK, reports that disabled athlete Stephen Miller, 28, has penned an autobiography about his life: "Born with cerebral palsy, he has overcome prejudices, physical limitations and the death of a close friend to become a record-breaking gold medallist and an inspiration for hundreds of disabled athletes."

“My friends say I’m way too young to have an autobiography yet,” Miller says with a laugh.

He has won gold medals for throwing the club at the Atlanta, Sydney and Athens Paralympic games and is the current world, Paralympic, European and National record holder for the sport.
He has 15 international medals for club and six for discus while nationally he has notched up 19 gold medals and one silver for both club and discus.

“I have achieved so much it is hard to pick out one as my greatest achievement,” says Miller, who works as a web developer for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead. “Each one in itself is a massive achievement for me. Personally, getting working and getting a job is one of the biggest achievements to me.”

Paralympian: My Autobiography by Stephen Miller, published by Tonto Books, will be in bookstores in the UK on July 28.