Monday, July 21, 2008

Capital Fringe Festival show features deaf, hearing ensemble

The Washington Post reports that one of the offerings at the 2008 Capital Fringe Festival features deaf performers. "Desire/Regret" is a movement-driven piece at Source Theatre with a cast of hearing and deaf performers.

It synopsis says: "Envision passion beyond words and its consequences. Breath, image, movement, light, and rhythm transform a bare stage into the site of the desire, beauty, recklessness, betrayal, and regret of intimate human relationships. A passionate performance without words animated by the language of the body and the spirit. "

A DC Theatre Scene review July 19 says:

Inspired by A Streetcar Named Desire, the wordless performance is a dream-like montage of images and sounds.

The work is the brainchild of Jenifer Alonzo, a multi-disciplinary theatre artist who has been working on the piece since 2006. Deaf and hearing actors make up the cast in this thought-provoking example of collaborative efforts by a four-person directing team. Although the storylines are muddy at times, the physicality of the relationships is startlingly clear. The performance space functions as a playground while moving images are paired with acoustic rhythm and breath.

It’s clear that this ensemble has developed an original process of creation. The result is a mixed effect. At times the entire performance seems as fresh and entertaining as an improvisational exercise, at others the frenetic activity is confusing and unsettling. More often Desire/Regret illuminates the ordinary as artistic expression. A body in space as a thing of beauty is not a new concept, but it is one of
continual interest, showcased delightfully here.

The show closes July 27.