Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Local wheelchair factory providing mobility for disabled people in Vietnam

Vietnam News reports on American Roger Ferrell who in 2006 established Kids First Enterprise (KFE), a company that manufactures mobility products in Vietnam.

The factory is currently manufacturing a Pediatric Wheelchair for kids with neuro-muscular disease and a state of the art Adult Wheelchair. The products manufactured by KFE will be sold for distribution in Viet Nam and other parts of the developing world along with distributors in North America and Europe for commercial sales. The profits earned (100 per cent) by KFE will be used to support programmes that focus on the disadvantaged in Viet Nam.

Ferrell’s goal is to raise awareness of the potential of people with disabilities and provide equal access to employment, social, and community activities. A disabled person working in a job suited to their disability has proven to be a better employee than a person without a disability doing the same job; social change will happen when enough people have been given the "Gift of Mobility" and they begin to demand access and equal opportunity. "Working together, we can make it happen."

His goal is to provide a wheelchair to every person in Viet Nam who needs one but can’t afford to buy one. "For just over US$100.00 we can give the "Gift of Mobility" that will make it possible for many of the recipients to obtain a job, community inclusion, self reliance and economic independence", he said.