Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Protests against Michael Savage goes off as planned in San Francisco, NY

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that about 50-60 parents and autism advocates gathered July 27 at KNEW, the radio station that is home to talk show host's Michael Savage's show. Protesters wanted to show their anger with Savage's comments about autism in which he called kids with autism "brats" who need better parenting, especially from fathers.

"Michael Savage's remarks were hurtful to the safety and the well-being of vulnerable children and we want him off the air," said Evelyn Ain, president of Autism United in Long Island, whose 8-year-old son has autism. "If this (KNEW) and other radio stations don't stop carrying Savage's signal, then we will pursue every advertiser until they drop him."

Ain was joined at the protest by Craig Johnson, a New York state senator from Long Island, who has advocated for spending on autism issues and education, and by Alice Lai-Bitker, an Alameda County supervisor, and others.

According to NY1, protesters also gathered at City Hall in NY City to call for advertisers to stop supporting Savage's syndicated radio show.

This, after the shock jock blamed the behavioral problems associated with autism on parents who fail to discipline their children.

"Very, very hurtful comments, setting back education for autism and for autism awareness back many, many years," said City Councilman David Weprin.

"I am certainly a proponent of First Amendment rights and this guy can be on there and say his opinion and that's merely what it is," said Martha Taylor, whose grandchild is autistic. "But, he's there to make money, so if all of these companies stop giving him money to continue with his savage garbage then he wouldn't be around to do it anymore."