Sunday, October 19, 2008

Autism group plans protest of Denis Leary performance in Boston

From NewsBlaze Oct. 18. The Comics Come Home 14 will be in Boston Nov. 15 at the Agganis Arena in Boston:

Evelyn Ain, president of Autism United, is calling for a rally and protest against Denis Leary. When he appears at Comics Come Home 14 in Boston, one of the largest comedy events in the country, the group plans to have hundreds of parents and children picketing the concert.

The protest is in response to the upcoming book "We Suck," which describes kids with autism as both stupid and lazy. The group is calling for a book boycott and asking companies like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other major chains not to carry it because it is hurtful to children nationwide. One out of 150 children in this country are diagnosed with autism.

According to Ms. Ain, "The autism community is not taking this as a joke. If Denis Leary feels by putting these shocking comments in his book is going to create hype, we're going to have autism families from coast to coast protesting his appearances ... showing the joke is really on him."