Monday, October 27, 2008

Patrick Henry Hughes performs on Today Show

Patrick Henry Hughes, who is a blind wheelchair user, performed on NBC's Today Show Oct. 27. He's a talented trumpeter, pianist and singer and has just released a new book, I am potential. Eight lessons on living, loving and reaching your dreams. Hughes attends the University of Louisville, where he is majoring in Spanish and is a member of the School of Music Marching & Pep Bands (He's pictured in his marching band uniform).

MSNBC posted an excerpt of the book on the book section of its Web site and its description of Hughes has some inappropriate language: "Born with no eyes and crippling physical anomalies, Patrick Henry Hughes has had to overcome many obstacles. In his new book, “I Am Potential,” the successful pianist and trumpeter offers the eight lessons he’s learned about staying positive and recognizing potential."

I happen to have The Associated Press Stylebook sitting next to my computer and it says NOT to use the term "cripple" as it is "often considered offensive." Most news Web sites follow AP style so I think MSNBC should re-think its use of terminology.