Monday, October 27, 2008

Several people with disabilities running for elected office in NJ

The Jewish Times reports that Dennis Shulman, (pictured) a blind rabbi, is running for the House of Representatives in New Jersey's 5th Congressional District. The Jewish Times reports that if Shulman wins he will not only be "the first blind person in nearly 70 years to serve in the U.S. Congress, but also the first rabbi."

And The Star-Ledger reports that wheelchair user Cynthia DeSouza is one of six female candidates running for Newark City Council. The women are running to replace the first woman on the Newark City Council, Dana Rone, whose district covers the Central Ward. The Star-Ledger says it "is considered one of the most critical sections of the city because of the myriad of social problems that continue to plague it and the neighborhoods that are in the process of redevelopment. "

If DeSouza wins, she would be the first wheelchair user to be elected to the council. DeSouza is also the 2008 Ms. Wheelchair New Jersey.