Sunday, October 26, 2008

Proposed NY law would help disabled vets access civil service jobs

From The AP:

ALBANY, N.Y -- The sole statewide ballot proposition New Yorkers will face Nov. 4 would make sure disabled war veterans get an advantage in civil service job tests even if they aren't collecting disability payments.

Proposal No. 1 would amend the state constitution to make sure any veteran disabled in war time gets the additional points on civil service tests allowed by law when applying for state or local government jobs.

The amendment would allow for disabled veterans who aren't collecting disability benefits to receive the automatic points on civil service tests as long as they are certified as being disabled. That certification would come from the federal Department of Veteran Affairs.

The benefit would apply to all honorably discharged veterans, including legally documented immigrants, when seeking a civil service job or when seeking a promotion within the civil service system.

The Senate and Assembly have approved the measure twice, as required by the constitution. Now it's up to voters.