Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here's how to help disabled people affected by Japan's earthquake, tsunami

From Portlight Strategies. Portlight also took the lead in helping disabled people in the Haiti earthquake.

We will provide financial assistance to Disabled People's Organizations (DPO's) working in Japan to serve people with disabilities in Japan affected by the earthquake there.

Culturally people with disabilities are particularly marginalized there. Our focus will be on supporting efforts to provide shelter and food.

We are aware of a couple of small organizations working with people with disabilities. Their efforts are difficult under the best of circumstances, so the current situation will be especially challenging.

As always, we will be exploring other ways to help, but given the current situation and the loss of life and infrastructure, we will be providing as much aid as we can to those organizations already on the ground.

Again, we can do nothing without your support; over the years your generosity has helped thousands. The disabled of Japan need our help and we know we can count on you!

Please continue to support our efforts on behalf of those who need the most help.

You can make a contribution using the website PayPal button or you can mail a check to:

Portlight Strategies, Inc.
60 Fenwick Hall Allee #721
Johns Island, SC 29455