Monday, March 14, 2011

Playwright, two others receive Indiana mental health grants

From The AP:

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana's Division of Mental Health and Addiction has awarded $50,000 grants to an Indianapolis playwright, a southwestern Indiana provider and a central Indiana group to improve mental health consumers' access to care in their respective communities.

The agency says Susan Kent's play "Nobody Needs to Know" provides awareness and reduces the stigma surrounding mental illness. It says Jennifer Byerly of the Rockport Engagement Center will provide one-on-one peer recovery services to help consumers find support in their communities.

The Key Community Outreach Project also received one of the awards, called Consumer-Operated Business grants, to provide peer support to adults with mental health and addiction issues in central Indiana.

Division Director Gina Eckart says the grants will help her agency expand peer supports and reduce negative messages about behavioral health disorders.