Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Speech pathologist writes book about cochlear implant from perspective of 3 year old

From the book's author, Ellen Waters, CCC-SLP:

Makenna's Magic Ear is a unique book that tells the true story about receiving a cochlear implant from the perspective of three-year-old Makenna. After working as Makenna's speech-language pathologist, I felt the story needed to be told in an effort to help others become more aware of the procedure.

During my 38 years as a speech-language pathologist I have attended numerous trainings on speech for the cochlear implant patient. I wrote and self- published the book after realizing how little information was available on cochlear implants, although more and more students are getting them.

This book is an educational tool, which could be useful to the teaching staff in an effort to meet the need of informing classmates of a student who has undergone this procedure how the process works. It is told in easily understandable language with colorful illustrations.

If you have more questions, or are interested in purchasing this book, please contact me at watersl@adams.net. It is also available at lulu.com and Amazon.com.