Sunday, May 25, 2008

"How's Your News" readies for MTV show

Sue Harrington of "How's Your News" interviews people
in New Orleans about the cleanup there.

The BBC's Ouch! podcast May 21 interviewed the folks from "How's Your News," who reported they are busily preparing their six shows for MTV.

"How's Your News" began in 1994 as a project at Camp Jabberwocky, a summer camp for people with disabilities. From the video class at the camp, there arose a news broadcast and then five of the reporters set off across the country interviewing everyone they met, with their own unique set of questions. Their work as roving reporters was captured on film, which played on HBO, PBS and won awards at numerous film festivals.

After a successful "On the Campaign Trail" show in 2004, MTV showed interest and greenlit the series in 2007. The "How's Your News" reporters started a blog in February to chronicle their adventures making the six-part series for MTV.

"How's Your News" has a great spirit, filled with humor, joy and the reporters' intense interest in the world around them. And how can you go wrong with reporters who ask all the fun questions that others never think to ask.

You can see their reports on their YouTube channel.