Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day brings mothers and kids with disabilities to forefront

Lisa Couture with two of her three kids.

The news media go gaga for Mother's Day and that's not necessarily a bad thing because lots of TV viewers get to meet some moms and kids with disabilities living their regular 'ole daily lives.

Lisa Couture, who is legally blind, is one of the NBC "Today Show" nominees for America's Favorite Mom. She was featured in the May 9 show about "Chairman of Everything" Moms.

Her husband, Ron, writes in his nomination letter: "She takes care of our daughter by herself and even does homework with the two oldest with the use of very strong glasses, multiple magnifiers and by having the children spell out the directions to her."

She even saved her father's life: "On her 35th birthday, she saved her Dad's life by recognizing he was having a heart attack, simply by the sound of a sigh he made. She spent her birthday in the CCU and never once said one word about herself; she only focused on her Dad and our daughter who was with them at the time. She also supported her Mom and helps her Mom and Dad in any way she can to make their lives easier. "

You can see the report about her life and vote for her at "The Today Show" Web site.

"Live with Regis and Kelly" honored the hard work of Boston mom Janine, who takes care of her disabled daughter, Gianna, and two non-disabled sons, with a wheelchair accessible van. You can see her story here.