Thursday, May 22, 2008

In anticipation of Paralympics, Chinese ready to better protect disabled people

Back in April, Chinese lawmakers adopted an amendment to its disability law so it will better protect the country's more than 83 million disabled people. The amendment to the Law on Protection of the Disabled should go into effect on July 1, in anticipation of the September Paralympic games in Beijing, according to China Daily.

"Caring for the disabled is a sign of social progress, and is an important part of building a harmonious society," China's top legislator Wu Bangguo said of the amendment. "It showcases the country's vowed respect to human rights in its constitution.

"The disabled should be guaranteed the right to play a fair role in social life and share the fruits of our country's economic and social development."

A revision of a 1991 law, the amendment should "tackle new circumstances and problems" cropping up amid economic and social advances, Civil Affairs Minister Li Xueju said.

The amendment adds specifics about stable financial support, better medical care and rehabilitation for people with disabilities, along with favorable employment opportunities and tax policies.