Thursday, December 30, 2010

Disabled filmmaker in Australia named national finalist in short film competition

From The West Australian:

Proving disability is no barrier to creativity, wheelchair-bound Fitzroy Crossing man Aquinas Crowe (pictured) has been named a national finalist in the short film competition Reel Australia.

Run by the Australia Day Council of NSW, the competition asked entrants to visually articulate in two minutes their ideas about who we are as a nation.

In his short film, Crowe, 25, pondered what the "real Australia" meant as simple scenes of his life played out, such as rolling through the pindan in his wheelchair and hanging out with elders, his cousin and children.

"I'm a proud man to have two languages," he said. "My culture is really important - for me to learn how to speak my language, to learn my kids and to learn their kids.

"What is Australia? For all the people to come together, learn their cultures, learn how to look after your country and look after all the people who come from overseas."

In 2006, Crowe was identified as an emerging talent after winning a $3000 Healthway scholarship to develop his skills in Perth.

The winning Reel Australia film will screen at Australia Day events across the nation after the victor is announced on January 23.

In naming him a finalist, the judges said Crowe showed a "rare openness" in reflecting on his experience of Australia.