Thursday, December 30, 2010

Double amputee sues NY strip club over inaccessibility

From Eater NY:

Sometimes a man knows exactly what he wants and fights until it's in his clutches. But sometimes that same man is a double amputee who really wants a lap dance and can't get one because the strip club isn't ADA accessible so he has to file a lawsuit in Federal Court.

Such is the case of one Zoltan Hirsch (pictured), a double amputee who repeatedly tried to visit Lace Gentleman's Club but was not able to enjoy most of their strip club services because it is not wheelchair friendly.

Among other things, Hirsch's lawsuit alleges that Lace doesn't have a wheelchair friendly ramp, lacks a handicapped accessible bathroom, and most importantly, put all of the VIP rooms on a second floor that is only accessible via a staircase, "representing an insurmountable barrier to [Hirsch] and other individuals who use wheelchairs".

The lawsuit only asks that Lace pay all legal fees and make the changes needed to become ADA compliant, because the plaintiff really needs to see some flesh.