Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sight returned to blind man through artificial cornea

From Top News USA:

After 10 years a blind man is able to see again with the help of the artificial cornea. The person named Norman Simpson damaged his one good eye in an accident and lost his all the hopes to see again.

His life was like without colors because of his blindness. Everything seems to be black and white for him.

But colors were added to his life with the help of the artificial cornea- the window at the front of eye. It has improved his sight to great level that he is now able to read the newspapers and see his wife again.

"The first person I saw was Carmel. She came up to me and I could see her smiling face. That was lovely, "he said. This moment became the happiest moment in his life as he was now able to see again.

The new device called, kerato- prosthesis, consist of a plastic lens that slips through stabilizing ring.

Sandwiched between two is "donut" of a donated eye tissue, which is stitched to the patient's eyeball to grip the device in position.

The implantation is carried out in two hours .The implant can be kept healthy with daily antibiotic drops and regular checkups. Artificial cornea gifts life to many blinded people.