Saturday, December 25, 2010

In New Zealand, toddler with Down syndrome creates art to raise money for her leukemia treatment

From TV NZ:

A 13-month-old girl with Down Syndrome, who is also fighting leukaemia, is proving to be a hit with art lovers.

Emily Selwood (pictured) was encouraged by her parents to pick up a paint brush in the hope of raising a few dollars.

But within a few hours of her work being posted for an online auction, the bidding had reached $1500.

"I wanted to fundraise to do something to help us make things a little bit easier," said Emily's mother, Anna.

"We just put a few bits of paint on the canvas and let her go for it with her hands."

Dunedin toddler Emily, whose temporary home is Ronald McDonald House in Christchurch, has been treated for acute leukaemia for the past four months.

The auction of her work has been viewed so many times on Trade Me that strangers have started to drop gifts off for the toddler.

Emily has another painting for sale, with money being raised for Ronald McDonald House.