Sunday, June 22, 2008

Josh Blue's comedy knocks out stereotypes

Josh Blue

Pam Vetter continues her series on performers with disabilities for American Chronicle and featured comedian Josh Blue on June 19.

Blue, who won Season 4 on NBC's "Last Comic Standing," says he wants to send a message as a comic with a disability.

"I want to give a little education about having a disability, about treating other people with disabilities like everybody else, that kind of stuff," he says. "I'm not the first, but I'm certainly one of the folks trying to do that. It takes more than one person. I hope that I've knocked some bricks out of the wall and shown a bit of the mainstream U.S. that people with disabilities are still that--people."

He offers this advice for other aspiring comics with disabilities: "If you can't stand up for yourself, sit up for yourself, and if you can't do that, make sure the mic is wired to your bed. Make yourself heard if you've got something to say!"