Thursday, April 10, 2008

Abilities United works to employ actors with disabilities

Larry Sapp

Larry Sapp II, Founder and President of Abilities United Productions, is working toward a more inclusive Hollywood. "We are the motion picture and television production company exclusively providing an authentic voice and representation while bringing together those of all abilities united in breaking the Hollywood stereotypes and ending the discrimination of those with a disAbility," its Web site says.

One of his current efforts is to lobby director James Cameron, whose new sci-fi film "Avatar," reportedly has a major character who is a paraplegic ex-Marine. Although the role has been cast with a non-disabled actor, Sapp says he is trying to contact Cameron "to see if he is interested in mutual support by helping us break the stereotypes, while providing an authentic voice and representation that most of Hollywood dismisses and ignores." You can read about his efforts in detail here.

American Chronicle profiled Sapp and Abilities United in January.