Thursday, April 10, 2008

Documentary resources on disability topics

Richard Cohen Films, which creates documentaries about inclusive education, special education, homelessness, poverty, involuntary psychiatric treatment and police accountability, also has an online resource of what it calls Newsreel Cinema Online. The current offering is several episodes of a documentary from the 1980s about involuntary psychiatric treatment.

The documentary picture above, "Going to school ~ Ir la escuela," was selected by National Video Resources for the 2004 Human Rights Video Project. It is described as "a captivating look at the daily experiences of students receiving special education services, and examines gains made by the Los Angeles Unified School District toward compliance with civil rights laws that guarantee a quality education for all children. The documentary focuses on the lives of three seventh graders and a second grader, and reveals the determination of their parents to see that these children receive an equal education."