Wednesday, April 23, 2008

disTHIS! film series celebrates second anniversary May 7

British actor Mat Fraser ("Born Freak," "Everytime You Look At Me") and comedian Liz Carr ("Abnormally Funny People"), hosts of the BBC's politically incorrect, award-winning OUCH! podcast, will be in person at the disTHIS! May 7 film screening to help celebrate the film series' 2nd anniversary.

Films screened May 7 will be: "The Art of Negative Thinking," in which "director Bård Breien spoofs the power of positive thinking in this award-winning Norwegian black comedy, which picks fun at both tragic and heroic disability stereotypes;" "Stubborn and Spite," where "mayhem ensues when two disabled drivers fight over who should get the last disabled spot;" and "Celebrity Shotgun," by Mat Fraser in his directorial debut, which focuses on "revenge against cheating husband Tom Harry at the hands of his wife and secretary." "Celebrity Shotgun" is created and performed by artists with learning disabilities.

The screenings are held 6:30 to 10 p.m. at DCTV @ The Firehouse, 3rd Floor Screening Room 87, Lafayette Street (between Walker & White) in New York City.