Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Body of War" documentary profiles disabled Iraq veteran

From former TV talk show host Phil Donahue and director Ellen Spiro, "Body of War" profiles Tomas Young, who suffered a spinal cord injury his first week serving in Iraq. The documentary's web site says, "Body of War is an intimate and transformational feature documentary about the true face of war today. Body of War is Tomas' coming home story as he evolves into a new person, coming to terms with his disability and finding his own unique and passionate voice against the war. Body of War is a naked and honest portrayal of what it's like inside the body, heart and soul of this extraordinary and heroic young man."

The film, which has original music by Eddie Vedder, has just made the rounds on the film festival circuit and is beginning to be released in theaters at selected venues around the country. On April 4, it will be at the E-Street Cinema in Washington, DC, and on April 9 at the IFC Center in NY City. You can view a trailer of the film and other clips on its web site.

PBS' "Bill Moyer's Journal" featured Donahue and Spiro on its March 21 show, where they described the three-year odyssey to make the film.