Tuesday, March 4, 2008

xAble.com hosts online disability community

xAble.com aims to be an interactive media network for the disability community, providing news, sports and entertainment information, as well as being a social networking site for people with disabilities. Launched in 2006, xAble.com reports that it wants "to transform persons with disabilities and the community that surrounds them."

"xAble.com members are encouraged to share their unique qualities, stories, content and more. We're a community that grows by the people that are a part of it. By connecting people and creating a community where everyone shares their ideas, xAble becomes an enabling platform - for growing as a person, for overcoming limitations, for education and a career, and more."

Its "goal is to grow a strong, durable network that spans international borders, demographics, and disability types."

xAble.com was created by Elio Navarro, a software developer and entrepreneur. He also runs an online business called PowerSoccerShop.com, which supplies power wheelchair soccer equipment.