Monday, March 10, 2008

Marlee Matlin clip promotes "Dancing with the Stars"

I don't know how I feel about this ABC promotion of "Dancing with the Stars" using Marlee's Matlin's deafness. It says "Oscar winner Marlee Matlin can't hear the music....[silence] [music swells] .... but can she feel the beat?" Then Matlin gives the international symbol that "she sizzles." I assume Matlin approved of this promotion, but I think ABC is taking a risk and possibly perpetuating stereotypes in using her deafness in a way that questions whether she will be able to dance. I know this is the usual way to promote the competitors but I think ABC needs to be careful. I also don't like the publicity photo of her used on the ABC web site (above). Everyone else has a fairly traditional head shot, but in hers, it is bizarre to see half her arm cropped off. ABC is not poor and I assume they had a better shot they could have used. Enough nitpicking. I am still glad she is on "Dancing with the Stars" and hope she wins!