Saturday, March 15, 2008

Clip of Teal Sherer's Liberty Mutual ad

Last week, I told you a bit about the acting career of Teal Sherer, but I didn't have the Liberty Mutual ad to post. Thanks to Mr. Teek for letting me know where it is. The ad, called "Election," shows a nice, nonchalant slice of life of a person with a disability. Way to go, Liberty Mutual.

Here's how Mr. Teek described the ad: "The commercial starts with a person featured in a wheelchair pushing down the street in the rain, and next getting onto a bus. Then the person gets off, still in a driving rainstorm, pushing through a parking lot with a number of obstacles. The woman pushing finally gets to her destination, which is a school gymnasium. The purpose of her rain-soaked, obstacle laden journey is to exercise the right to vote."

The web site for the ad has a place for comments, so give Liberty Mutual some positive feedback if you like the ad.