Thursday, March 6, 2008

UK study: TV important leisure activity for blind people

The BBC reported on a Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) study March 4 that found most of the 2 million visually impaired people in Britain spend some of their leisure time watching TV. And keeping up with the latest popular TV programs assists with social interactions, the RNIB says.

Richard Orme, head of accessibility at RNIB, told the BBC: "TV is often criticised as bad for you, but it brings us together - and joining in with our mates can depend more on knowing about the latest drama or soap, than on the latest international crisis."

Visually impaired and blind people in Britain are being encouraged to use the free Audio Description (AD) service on digital TV now available there.

"Many of the nation's favourite TV moments have never been fully enjoyed by the UK's blind and partially sighted population," Orme says. "AD is changing this. As well as giving people with sight problems access to the nation's favourite entertainment and drama programmes, it can transform their relationship with the world around them."