Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thanks for the word change at Logo online

Last week I posted a long entry about disabled characters on current entertainment TV and mentioned a show on the Logo Channel, "Rick & Steve: Happiest Gay Couple," which features the character Chuck, Steve's best friend, who is HIV positive and a wheelchair user. (He's pictured with all the show's characters above.) I complained about the description of Chuck on the Logo web site that said he is "confined to a wheelchair."

I received a nice email from Allan Brocka, creator of "Rick & Steve," thanking me for mentioning the show and saying he would have Logo change the description on the web site. I am happy to report that Logo made the change and it now reads "uses a wheelchair."

I know it seems like this description of Chuck isn't that important, but I have long argued that words have great power to define people and issues and should be used accurately. Thanks to Logo and Allan for agreeing with me and making the change so quickly.