Monday, March 3, 2008

Recreation program for disabled adults benefits from Oprah's new giveaway show

High Hopes, a social recreation program for adults with developmental disabilities, was featured on "Oprah's Big Give" first episode March 2. Founded by Karen Newman of Murrieta, Calif., the 15-year-old program provides music lessons and other activities. Newman got the idea for the program after her son was born with Down syndrome and she wanted him to have after-school activities like everyone else. She also has two adoptive children with intellectual disabilities.

The team from "Oprah's Big Give" raised $43,000 in cash and gifts for High Hopes and found a more permanent location, where Newman plans to create a music school as part of the program.

Newman's local newspaper, The Californian, did a story about the giveaway when it occurred in April 2007.