Friday, March 21, 2008

Praises for Marlee Matlin's dance performance

Several folks in the blogosphere had kudos for Marlee Matlin's March 18 performance on "Dancing with the Stars."

The Special Parent, for parents of children with special needs (i.e. disabilities), wrote that that Matlin's triumph will give her a response if her disabled daughter ever says, "I can’t do that.”

She explained further: "Competition ballroom dancing just isn’t one of the things you typically do if you are profoundly deaf and yet - why the heck not?? I doubt anybody said 'Oh honey, absolutely, you’ll be an Academy Award actress!' What I love about Marlee Matlin most is that Marlee does what Marlee wants - not necessarily what she 'should.'”

Tonya Plank at The Huffington Post said: "Marlee Matlin simply shone. I don't wish to focus on one's 'disability,' but it is near impossible to dance a rhythmic dance -- like Cha Cha -- without music. Imagine dancing in silence, no beat. And there was almost nothing wrong with her routine. She missed not a single beat. She was a bit pigeon-toed in cross-overs, like the men, but other than that, she was perfect."

And OnlineSnitch just had a nice "way to go" comment.